Catlins Accommodation

Catlins Accommodation .Experience the best of the Catlins at your own pace and in one of our comfortable, safe and eco-friendly cottages, fully equipped with all you need.


Explore our 8 hectare forest reserve with its many birds, varied walks, seats and gardens, glow-worm grotto, owl trail, moss garden, picnic areas as well as the historic Tawanui railway station.


Choose to have a meal with us if you like and share our passion for the nature and history of The Catlins. Join us on an ecotour.


Enjoy your stay knowing that you are being careful with the environment. To be as environmentally sustainable as possible, we have provided the Catlins accommodation cottages with solar assisted water heating, double glazing and extra insulation.


In keeping with our respect and love of nature, our cottages are named after native birds, Riroriro (Grey warbler); Korimako (Bellbird); Kahu (Hawk); Karearea (Falcon)


Mohua Park offers you a unique opportunity to really "get away from it all."

Four cottages placed in amongst some of New Zealand's most beautiful bush country, with uninterrupted views over rolling pasture and in complete seclusion. You can choose from some of Mohua Parks guided tours to see wildlife including the rear Yellow Eyed penguin, beautiful waterfalls and various wildlife. This is a a dream location.

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Only found in the southern half of New Zealand, the Mohua nests in tree holes, making it highly vulnerable to predators like possums, stoats and rats. A beautiful splash of bright yellow covers its head and breast while the rest of the body is brown with varying tinges of yellow and olive.  The Mohua is the bird featured on our $100 note.  Yellowhead / Mohua calls vary around the South Island because Yellowhead have strong dialects.


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