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Eco & Sustainability Initiatives

Here at Mohua Park, we have consciously made sustainable choices in the planning and rebuild of the property. We wanted to create an environment that allows people to connect with nature. We've achieved this by the materials we have chosen for construction, by designing our buildings to complement the landscape, and we have setup practices for waste reduction, energy and water savings. We encourage our guests to actively participate in these practices because we respect nature and are passionate about sustainable living. Read on to learn more about the approaches we have taken that make us eco-friendly.

Pest Eradication

Close monitoring for pest control/eradication is ongoing at Mohua Park.

We use traps and bait stations for

  • possum

  • stoat

  • rats

  • feral cats

Weekly checks are done on stoat & rat stations or traps. These measures allow bird life to flourish which in turn also helps the forest to rejuvenate.

Track monitoring & maintenance

Bush tracks are maintained without disturbing the ground roots or young plants. Bush weeds and vines are carefully monitored and cut down when possible as per the QE11 covenant agreement for Mohua Park.

Extensive work has been done at the pond and creek on the southern corner of the property to clear silt and mud build up enhancing flow to the natural wetlands. Once the wetland has drained sufficiently, replanting of this area can begin.

Waste Management

All goods purchased for Mohua Park are being purchased as bulk items. We are providing our own containers for this to eliminate plastic bag use from primary industry goods. All of our food, where possible, is locally sourced or from our own on-site vegetable gardens

We encourage our guests in the safe disposal of their waste, and active recycling of waste from the cottages.

All cottages are equipped with recycling bins and compost bins are also provided.

Food waste is composted and reused in the property gardens or fed to our hens.

Green Waste is collected where possible and composted or is left to sit in its natural state in the bush, as per our QE11 Covenant agreement.

Homestead Gardens

Care has been taken with clearing the homestead gardens of bothersome weeds. New soil has been added to build up the garden beds.

Research carried out for era style plantings for the villa. The gardens have been replanted with old fashioned tea/hybrid roses, herbs to be used while retaining the thousands of bulbs discovered in the clean-up. An area has been extensively cleared by the green shed, this was an area that was choking in bush vine and weeds, this has been resown with a beautiful mix of wildflowers enhancing the area for many months, which in turn, encourages bees and butterflies to the area.

All non-potable water, for all of our gardens and tunnel houses, is collected from our very own on-site spring, which is then stored for future use.


Alternative heating

All cottages have heat pumps, which are a more environmentally friendly form of heating, plus they also have solar hot water assist, which is also being considered for the homestead.


Natural rain collection is our only source of water at Mohua Park and our total storage is 145,000 litres.

A water level indicator allows us to easily monitor water usage and careful monitoring is carried out throughout the summer months.

We use Leaf Eater Advanced “Clean Shield” debris catchment technology systems on all our downpipes leading to the water tanks. This ensures that the .955mm aperture mosquito proof stainless steel screens filters leaves and debris before they enter the water tanks.

Our water purification system (Puretec Hybrid-R4) is for all cottages, this is a 2-stage filtration (1x 20 micron sediment filter and 1x solid 1 micron filter) plus UV light system (kills 99.9% of bacteria that’s completely eco-friendly and chemical free), to make sure all water our guests receive is above industry standards.

At Mohua Park, sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to embrace innovative eco-friendly solutions that minimize our environmental impact. One such practice is our deliberate decision to maintain low water pressure throughout our accommodations.

Why Low Water Pressure?

🌱 Water Conservation: By adopting low water pressure, we significantly reduce water consumption without compromising your comfort. Every drop saved is a step towards protecting our precious natural resources.

🌱 Energy Efficiency: Lower water pressure translates into reduced energy consumption for water heating, which helps lower our overall carbon footprint and contributes to a greener tomorrow.

🌱 Respect for Nature: The Catlins region boasts breathtaking landscapes and delicate ecosystems. Our low water pressure approach is our way of showing respect for the beauty that surrounds us and preserving it for generations to come.

Our ECO Cottages

Our cottages are stocked with eco products including shampoo, body wash and hand wash. You’ll find eco dish washing liquid and we use environmentally friendly and septic safe non-toxic cleaning products.

In 2023 Kahu had installed, from the USA, a top of the line, luxury, two person spa pool. This spa has the latest technology which includes a FreshWater® III high-output ozone generator plus the exclusive FreshWater IQ, in-line self monitoring salt water system as well as a 100% no-bypass filtration system which the Tri-X filters ensure that the water is always kept clean. The Hot Spring® Energy Smart® system also makes certain that the spa will be hot and ready for our guests whilst keeping energy costs low.

We follow the principles of the Tiaki Promise and share these values

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